• Construction of villas on the coast

    Performer: “KIP” d.o.o., Kovačevac 190, Nova Gradiška
    Investor: “Vodograd d.o.o.”
    Start of works: april, 2008.
    End of works: june,2009.
    Value of works: 2.170.709 kn

Aims and Qualities

The essential determinants of our business and aims of our company are improvement of our quality, adjustment with the new laws, ISO standards 9001 and 14001, licence for managing construction activities, expansion of manufacturing program and development of new products. .

Norm of Quality

Our company satisfies ISO standards 9001 and 14001 and it has licence for managing work:

ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Licence for managing work

Our Qualifications

dynamics of business of managed work

managed work is accomplished on schedule

satisfaction of investors with managed work



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